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  1. Could you also tell me how to download the 9.1 update for my navigation?


  2. I'm replying to your post regarding the new navigation update 9.1 for Lexus IS250. I have a 2007 IS250 and need the 9.1 update: PT219-GEN05-09. Would you happen to know how I can get that cheaper, or how I can download it and burn it to a cd? Any advice/tips would be GREAT help and very appreciated!!

    Thanks so much,


  3. No, you don't insert the DVD into the CD player. The DVD slot is located behind the clock panel. You use the needle looking tool found inside the tool bag (containing other tools such as wrenches, screwdriver, etc) to open the panel. You should be able to find articles or videos on how to remove that panel using those 2 "needles". The operation is simple. You should be able to find two tiny holes on the face of the clock panel. 1 on the left and 1 on the right. Use each needle and push it in (all the way). This can be quite intimidating if this is your first time since you don't know where those needles are jamming into. Remember, push the needles all the way in! You should see the panel disengage. Remove the panel with the wires still hanging. Start the navigation system without turning on the engine (i.e. pressing the "Start Engine" button without depressing the brakes). Go to menu, click "Map DVD", click the eject button, grab the old DVD from the slot, insert the new one, watch the system loads up, pop the panel back. Estimated time: 5 minutes or less.
  4. Just a follow up: I just finished downloading the Nav 9.1 update (Part# 464210-1380). Burnt the disk, works perfectly. :)
  5. I didn't know this thread is still active. Since I don't receive any updates, I am sorry for not responding until now. For those of you who are still interested, I found a new link for the 9.1 update. It's a bit torrent link. I can't guarantee if there are still any seeders left by the time you get my link. In addition, I haven't even tried if the downloaded content will work. So let us know if it does. As for posting the link, I don't think the moderators will be happy having me posting such link (i.e. link that is flaky, and possibly can hurt the forum's reputation). Just PM me instead.
  6. Hi all, I have been looking for a FRONT camber kit for my IS350. I have only seen parts for the rear. Since I am not familiar with this area, I have a few questions and hope you guys can help answering some of those. 1) What procedures are needed to install the camber kit (if there is one available)? I heard you need to "drop" the car? 2) Any good recommendations out there? 3) I read from the forum that camber plates don't allow much room for adjustment. Is that true? How adjustable are camber kits suppose to be? 4) If only my front camber is off, do I need a kit for the back too? Thanks for you help.
  7. Disclaimer: I haven't done any tests regarding which air filter is better. If you are talking about using the K&N 33-2345 that costs between $45 to $60 dollars, I really wouldn't bother assuming you are driving under "normal" conditions. The OEM filter sold by irontoad is $17.60. Here are a few questions I would ask: 1. Are you driving around very dusty areas that require frequent changes of air filters? If so, then the K&N filter is worth it since it claims it can be "washable" and reused. 2. If you are driving under normal conditions and basically following the maintenance schedule (i.e. changing air filters every 30K miles), then why bother? Getting an extra 1-4 horsepower is not going to make your car go much faster. 3. I just looked up the installation hints and guidelines of the K&N filter provided on the K&N website. It is not that simple if you want to install it perfectly by following every single step. If you are not familiar in installing the air filter, and are planning to ask the dealership to install it for you, I will not expect the dealship to follow the instructions by heart. i.e. They probably won't do a good job. Do you really expect them to apply the sealing grease (not saying your car really needs it) properly? The really good mechanics who really love and passionate about cars work in independent shops and performance shops, but not dealerships. 4. Say you did get the filter, and install it perfectly, are you really going to clean the filter by yourself? Your time of cleaning the filter is probably more expensive than just getting the OEM filter, pop it in, and call it a day. My 2 cents. :D
  8. Nope. Unfortunately the download page doesn't ask that. Anyway, I found IS250/350 uses generation 5 navi. The latest map version is 8.1. As usual, the dealer is doing best at what it does: asking for loads of your dollars for some brain dead work.
  9. That's actually much "cheaper" than Redwood City Putnam Lexus' service. They are charging $699.00 + tax for the 30K service. I believe most of you will find the price ridiculously high in many ways.
  10. Yes, download. You can literally download all versions of maps for all generations and burn the DVD.
  11. Hi all, I am looking to update my navi firmware/software in my '06 IS. Does anybody know what generation the navigation system the 06 has? Somebody says 4th, while someone says 5th. I haven't updated my software before. What's the proper procedure in doing so and which DVD version should I download?
  12. The mpg really depends on your driving habits, road conditions, skills, and possibly your attitude of the time of driving. Here is my observation on my own car: On the highway, driving around 80mph (constant speed) for 40 miles, I can get ~26. It gets better if I drive at 55mph (constant speed). I can get about ~27. (But why bother getting an IS350 if you will only restrict yourself to 55mph). In the city/non-highway/urban streets, I guess this really depends on your driving habits (such as how fast your accelerate from 0 to 25-45) and how often you stop. Therefore, my mpg varies in the city/non-highway/urban streets. The lowest I have seen is ~13.9 (I drove all local roads for the whole tank). At best, I get 20 mpg. So on avg, it is about 21-22mpg for me.
  13. I am about to change my tires on my IS350 (18" rims). The stock tires are great, but I haven't tried out others. Any recommendations? Do you change your tires at the dealership? I read the manual, and it mentions the tire pressure monitoring system has to be "re-configured" when the tires are changed. This sounds like an opportunity for the the dealership to bite a huge chunk of your wallet. Is this necessary? What are some alternatives? Also, do I need to get new sensors? Other postings seem to indicate that in order to change tires, new sensors are needed. Is this even true?
  14. I am about to get my 20K service on my IS350. Is this a good time to switch to synthetic oil? And what kind of synthetic oil would you recommend? On the side note, my 15K service cost me $500. Aside from getting a loaner car, I still can't figure out why the service cost so damn much. The service rep, of course, couldn't give me a good answer. As far as my understanding, switching to synthetic oil can allow me to drive up to about 7500 miles.
  15. I totally agree to what you put down regarding tweaking the car's handling and other driving properties. If I do bring it to the track, all the OEM parts will have be replaced with something more "suitable". The IS certainly is no Enzo or even close to any super cars. Nevertheless, testing the actual limit on a well designed engine should be pretty darn fun. Of course, all the tires and brakes will have to be replaced for those moments.
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