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  1. I put a new ECU on and it dos not smoke. The timing keeps moving. It did this before the ECU too. Now the timing seems to be off I will set it, rotate the engine and it is good then I start car up and run it. Then I check all the marks on the cams and crank and they are off again. It is a new belt could it be the tensioner? Thanks again
  2. No I put new haed gaskets on it. I also put new computer.
  3. My car has a rough idle and it hesitates when accelerating. Once you get going it runs like a champ. It also kinda bucks when driving sometimes. Does anybody have any suggestions? Thanks Alot
  4. Thanks evrybody I am putting a new ecu om tomorrow hopefully this will correct the problem. Ill let you know.
  5. Can you just put in a different ECM from one car to anthor? Someone said something about flashing or something. What is that? Thanks
  6. My car has been doing the same thing. 93 ES300. I have changed everything including the head gaskets. Will the ECM really fix this problem? I am ready to get rid of it. But if this will fix it i will try it. Thanks
  7. Now it does not smoke all the time. It just idles rough and no acceleration. It will eventually go it just takes awhile.
  8. no its not losing coolant. I have no engine codes. The smoke smells like gas, It is kinda blueish white. The oil and coolant is not mixing. I have been working on this thing for months and can not figure it out. Could it be the injectors? Thanks for the help
  9. I just put new head gaskets on my 93 es300 and it smokes so bad. The smoke just rolls out. It smells like gas and the heater doesnt work. I put all new gaskets, Thermostat and cleaned everything good. I am lost I thought for sure the head gaskets would fix this problem. It was doing the same thing before I put on the gaskets. It also idles funny but that is probally because it is burning to much gas. I read somewhere something about the power steering fluid going into the intake and burning. If anybody can help i would really appreciate it.
  10. Just found out that it is the head gasket so I will be changing this out in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for the help The PCV valve located on the valve cover may be clogged. This valve allows the gases that escape into the crankcase to be recirculated into the engine thro the intake manifold. A clogged PCV valve causes rough idle, high fuel consumption and sludge formation. This valve and mounting grommet would have become brittle with age and will break and fall into the valve cover when removed. Tweezers are required to remove the broken pieces. Napa stocks both the valve and grommet.
  11. I have a 93 es300 and it started idleing rough and has poor acceleration. I have replaced plugs, wire rotor , cap. Have also put IACV and new coil. new tps. Have also took catylatic converter off and it checks good. It still runs rough and acts like it does not want to shift. It smells like gas coming from the exhaust. When you first start it it runs ok on first of the day start. As it warms up it gets even worse. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME.
  12. it reads about 200psi the book says it shouls be close to 218.
  13. Now that i look at the gauge it does start out on about 45. sorry about that. Someone told me to check the idle air control valve. Does anybody know anything about that. Thanks
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