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  1. For some reason i am having the damnest time locating the DIY form for removing the stock sub on a 1999 gs400. someone want to help me out please... Thanx
  2. btw, i was also looking around to match my new Alpine IVA-w203 w/ a sub to keep it all alpine... and i found this Alpine Free Air Sub its a UK sub which is different but hopefully planning on getting it w/ in the next month. gotta spend a little to prepare the area before i go trying to throw a sub in there!!! hope this helps yall out also anyone wanna point me in the direction of a DIY on removing the backseat so i can remove my stock sub... THANKS
  3. yea a regular detail just wont do the trick, you have to pretty much get them to cut the top layer of paint w/ a cutting agent and then polish that. thats a last resort for restoration but its cheaper than getting your whole car repainted
  4. yea man there is no way to do that cheaply period. especially w/ the NAK system, major over haul w/ the whole system
  5. no resistor needed for the '99... works wonderfully well... bought from motoringmax on ebay for 49.99 free shipping
  6. where can i find eyelids for a 1999 GS4??? painted/unpainted both answers welcome. looking for pricing and ease of install thanks guys pic of an example
  7. what kind of tweeters have you all upgraded your system with? i was thinking about going with Infinity's but there are 2 kinds w/ 2 different mounting depths, should i go w/ the 7/8(reference series) or the 3/4(kappa series) depth??? realize this is going in the factory location, i am not trying to alter the outbound setup unless theres noway possible around it....
  8. yea i never use my highs anyway, the HID system i have makes the HIbeams seem usless anyway. where would i beable to pick up a load resistor and/or how much of a load am i resisting???
  9. Will the 05 GS430 9005's fit the 99? I want to get the Hyper white LED's and it seems the 05' has more LED than the 99
  10. Aangel Bravo

    first bought

    Emerald "gs400" the day before i picked her up
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