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  1. Has anyone tried Lexus' Leather conditioner on their leather seats? Is this a good idea? I've heard that some leather cleaner/conditioners can cause leather seats to harden/crack over time. Also, does it leave a 'greasy' residue on the seats? -D
  2. I can't remember the sepcifics, I belive most of it is listed in the owners manual. The service consultant at the Lexus dealer did mention the replacement of a belt, or something along those lines. It wasn't the timing belt. The timing belt is scheduled to be replaced at 90k for the 400
  3. I'm in Atlanta area. I'm sure there is one around, I haven't looked though. Will they usually do the same quality work as the dealer though? (I'm not sure if it makes much of a difference for a service)
  4. Does anyone know if there is a cheaper way to get the 60k mile service done for a GS400? I'm not too excited about spending nearly $900 on this. Would it be a bad idea to have someone other than a lexus dealer do it? Does that void my extended (Certified Pre-Owned) warrenty? Any info is appreciated!
  5. None of those seem to be suitable for free air use... did I look in the wrong place? Does anyone know who makes Free air subwoofers anymore? I know Infinity makes a couple but they only handle 175w rms. Pioneer makes a 12'... but pioneer stuff is a little low quality from my experience. Does Boston or Phoenix Gold or MB Quart make free air subs anymore?
  6. Has anyone replaced the 10' free-air sub in a GS with an aftermarket unit? If so, what would you reccomend? Has anyone tried to use a 12' ?
  7. I have a 98 GS with the stock changer and I play burned CDR's all the time. CDRW's usually will not work in standard CD players so make sure you're not using CDRW's
  8. I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this question already, but is there any way to allow the E-Shift to shift into first gear on a '98 GS400? If so, how is this done? Any info. is appreciated! Thanks.
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