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  1. Once connected and paired to your navigation unit, ensure the call audio check box is checked (see pic). It is under settings, bluetooth, and settings for that pairing. After the Android 4.3 update, my check box setting would not stick. I had to delete the bluetooth pairing, restart the car and reboot my phone, and re-pair the phone to the car Navigation unit, before doing the above.
  2. Me too! 2005 LS430 with Samsung Galaxy S4. Kinda worked OK under Android 4.2.2, but the 4.3 update on the S4 made it less usable. It did work fine once though. I'm beginning to wonder if it is a Bluetooth radio issue in the S4, or my new Carrier's limited coverage area. My former Motorola Droid X phone (Verizon) had excellent Bluetooth operation in my LS430.
  3. Very strange coincidence that a reader would go bad just when you changed discs. If I ever change mine (2005 LS430), I'll try to get my local dealer to match Sewell's price on the disc, and pay a small labor charge to my local dealer to do the switch. If it quits working for any reason whatsoever, I can hold my dealer responsible. Just my $0.02...
  4. Dealer had installed new tires on my 05 LS430:
  5. After 187 miles, Tank Avg reads 15.9mpg, my computed value is 15.6mpg. Close enough. I reset the other "Average" mpg reading right after I re-fuelled today. I'll report the deviation of that Average from the Tank Average in about 200 miles. Stay tuned...
  6. My bad. There is a "tank average", and another "average". The latter was what I used, and has to be reset before it will give meaningful info. The correct mpg is within 1mpg of what my mobile app reports. I should have realized the need to manually reset that and the other mph reading, especially since the average speed seemed to be locked at 28mph. Glad that it knows to automatically reset the Range, tank average, etc. when you refill gas.
  7. How accurate is it? On my 2005 LS430, it indicated 5mpg higher than what I calculated. I use an app (aCar) on my phone to log odometer readings and gas purchase quantities to compute mpg.
  8. I gotta use them daily. Absolutely minimal parking space in my garage:
  9. Pic of my front hood support/strut. I believe this is original equipment for 2005 LS430:
  10. You can buy 5 branded CR2025 batteries for under $2 on Amazon. Avoid the unheard of brands. Could have been worse. You could have taken it to Sears and have them tell you that you really need a new Alternator. Lol!
  11. 2005 LS430. Cigarette lighter (near shifter) not working. Googled it; looks like a very common problem. When's Lexus gonna address this problem? But I can't find the passenger side fuse box to replace the 15A fuse #32 ! Do I have to remove some flooring/carpeting on the front passenger side to locate the fuse box?
  12. I have auto-folding side-view mirrors in my 2005 LS430. The motors sound like they may be struggling, but that may be normal. Wish there were other LS430s I could check out. Do these motors need to be lubricated? WD-40?
  13. Tech Stream looks like a $8,000 device! The Lite version is over $1,000.
  14. Update: Over the weekend, I had e-mailed the local Lexus dealership for a quote to just program a pre-cut Master Key I bought online. Someone in the Parts dept at the dealership called me on my phone and quoted $65. This morning, I received an e-mail reply to my quote request from another person in the Parts dept: $35 ! I guess Master Key programming prices are like stock prices of a volatile stock, and fluctuate daily. Lol! So I went down to the Lexus dealership, and a service tech programmed the Master Key and FOB in about 10 minutes. He used some kind of large hand held device. I did not notice him opening and closing the driver's door 5 times, so he must have used some other programming steps. Moral of the story: Always check your local Lexus dealer's prices for the whole thing (i.e. key+cut+program) before looking online. This Lexus dealer can low-ball any local locksmith's Master Key programming fee, so look out all you local locksmiths. Lol!