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  1. none of those issues for me so far with over 46k's on my gs300 06
  2. I too looked at an M35 before leasing and buying the GS300 06 because of the gas mileage difference. Trust me, the Infinity is a great car too but it is just thirstier.
  3. Congrats to all you guys on your new GS's. They are fun to ride in, just get the right tires. I have Bridgestone pole position all season ultra high perf
  4. I have an "06" GS300 rwd with no rattle after 46k miles and I bought it new. I had major problems with the Dunlops, especially the run-flats and changed to Bridgestone Pole Position All-Season, Ultra- high performance tires with OEM specs and it was like day and night for me. My wife thought I had gotten a new car. She had preferred not to ride in my car until I did something about the ride. I was so relieved it was the tires that made this lexus ride like a 4x4 truck, no exaggeration. The ride feels a little mushy at first with the Bridgestones and needs some getting used to but it is so smooth and handles almost as good as the summer tires. It did pretty good in the rain with no hydro-planing whatsoever. As for the rattle in your car, I have a suspicion the dash was opened up at some point prior to your knowledge and not put back correctly. I'm on my 3rd lexus and never had any rattle problems. hope this helps, Vincent