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  1. I have a 2007 AWD GS 350 with 22k miles. When I first got the car the first thing I did was get rid of the Dunlop run flats, they are excellent for handling but suck for ride comfort. I put on a set of Bridgestone seinities and they are much better. My cmplaint is, the car just has a harsh ride. I know it is suppossed to be sporty suspension but this just seems a little to much, its not a corvette but yet it seems they want it to be. I am wondering if anyone has the new 350 or a 460 that has the suspension mode switch, and if so, can you tell the difference. I would like to put Goodyear tripple treads on and go up a size in the sidewall but the dealer said the sensors would always be on and the speedo would be off. They should be able to compensate for this in the computer somewhere. How about if I put ES 350 shocks on it? Does anyone else think the cars ride is a little harsh, or do I just need to get used to it? The car is also a rattle trap. I took it in to the dealer and they did both front and rear windows and a couple of other things and it still rattles up by the defrost vent and a couple of other places. I have had cars with 250k + on them that ride and don't rattle like this thing. I am ready to go try out the new Buick. Thanks for listening. The car is just not fun, I am always picking it apart while driving. It is the only body style I like by Lexus right now and can't afford the LS 460 yet. Thanks for any advice. Dave
  2. I have a 2008 AWD GS 350 without ML. I am wondering how good the head unit is in these cars. I would like a better stereo but do not want top alter the dash. Is the head unit good enough so that I could just put a different amp and speakers in I would end up with a better sounding system, or would the head unit really be the weakest link? What have others done? Thanks Dave