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  1. Interesting that the various dealerships/technicians are using slightly differing psi readings. As you all have mentioned, the ride is fine so it's not that big of a concern; hopefully the tire life isn't affected too adversely...but I guess the differences are too extreme...especially since they all seem to be within the psi limits from the tire manufacturer...
  2. Curious about the "correct" tire pressure on a 2010 ES 350 with the Michelin 215/55R17 tires. The specs in the manual says they should be inflated to 30 psi; however when I had my 1,000 "check up" service, the dealer had found 2 tires out of balance. They rebalanced all 4 tires again, but I saw that they inflated the tires to 34 psi. The car doesn't seem to handle any better/worse; but will the tires wear more quickly/oddly because of this? Should I adjust the air in the tires back to 30? Or is there a reason the dealer would set it to 34? Thanks for any info on this...
  3. It never says the Nav system is a HDD system (I thought I'd read it...guess I saw it somewhere else); however, on page 381 where they illustrate the steps to update the Map Info, the screen title on the page (and on your car probably) says "HDD Update"; mine says that on the car as well, with the 10.1 version number... as a sidenote, the salesperson also did mention when I was test driving that the 2010 has a HDD system so that you didn't need to order an update disc.
  4. That was my understanding as well, but frankly I've been scared to try it for fear of !Removed! up the wood or screen. ( I'm good at !Removed! up things.) I just got my ES in August, are you saying there is an GPS update already? Paul My dealer says that version 10.1 is out but it costs about $200 plus about the same to install. I have version 9.1 and would be interested in upgrading if more coverage was available for Mississippi and West Tennessee. The present coverage for 9.1 is not very good once you get out of the larger cities. However, I hesitate to spend $400. If you bought yours in August, you may have 10.1. Check and see what version you have. Perhaps I misread the Navigation manual, but in the 2010 model, the Nav system is a hard-drive based system is it not? I didn't think it was running off a DVD...
  5. Curious about your praise of the ipod. I have a 2010 and when ever scrolling down the various artists or songs, it immediately plays what ever is at the top of the list, whether you want it too or not. Somewhat frustating. Others have complained about the same thing. Has Lexus solved this glitch yet? My 2010 still does the same thing. I prefer the use of the Bluetooth audio streaming I think...I can at least use my iPhone's iPod controls to scroll through the songs/playlists, etc. (though I don't see the song/info display on the Nav screen). For the USB input, it seems to default to the "Songs" list and I just usually hit "RAND" to shuffle from it. The ML doesn't have the "depth" that my previous car had (it had a Bose Surround system); while the low range seems "flatter", the high range is actually better I think.
  6. IMHO, when I put in gas, I'm paying BP, Chevron, etc.... not Lexus. I'm not an engineer, but if the specifications say "Premium Unleaded Fuel, 91 Octane minimum"...then I'd put that in. Maybe someone more knowledgeable can jump in but the higher octane fuels (as I understand it) relates to a higher flashpoint for combustion. If you put 87 octane fuel for a car whose engine is made to perform with 91+ octane, then the lower flashpoint/faster rate of combustion makes the engine run less efficiently; therefore, you burn incrementally more fuel which (depending on the car) may negate some of the savings of your per-gallon fuel cost. My last car was a "Premium Unleaded" vehicle also...when Katrina hit and it disrupted the fuel supply here in Atlanta, several gas stations either had no fuel or only the 87 octane unleaded fuel, so I had no choice but to use reg unlead (at $4.50+/ gallon!). I felt some performance reduction, but barely any change in fuel efficiency; I'm told that the computers in most modern cars can adjust the combustion process to account for the lower octane and you won't get the typical engine knock. Regarding engine knock... the ES 350 manual (for the 2010) says that you can put in 87 if no premium is available...but that you may experience engine knock, and to put in the premium unleaded as soon as possible or something to that effect.
  7. I recently bought one of a Lexus dealer's (in Atlanta) remaining 2010 ES350s...and mine came with Michelins on them...I didn't know Bridgestone was one of their "OEM" brands also...
  8. The Nav does everything I need for it to do; the integration w/ the XM Radio for Traffic/Weather is a nice feature also (though I didn't get it since my commute is so short, I don't really need it). I haven't used the Lexus telematics service yet (not much need for it) either; though I can see how it could be helpful when traveling to unfamiliar cities, etc... as for the iPod...I love that I can use either Bluetooth or the USB connector w/ my iPhone 4. Like other iPod interfaces, the iPhone pops up a message saying the device isn't compatible...but just touch "ok" on the iPhone screen...and the feature still works.