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  1. Thanks to all. I do appreciate your experience and input. I too appreciate the built-in features the factory units offer. I have been using a plug in Tom-Tom for a few years and like it and find it reasonably accurate. I hate to stick it in the window and have cables hanging all around. But I have lived with so far. The large screen of the factory unit is very nice. The backup camera is a nice and useful feature too. It seems that the built-in units have also faired well over the years because I see some of you have had them for years. That speaks a lot to me of their reliability. I think if I go for the new Lexus I will go in for the navigation also. Although I have been reading some not so positive remarks I have not seen any real negatives. Bye-the-way, can any of you tell me if the new Lexus radios are I-Pod friendly ???? I don't remember seeing any input jack when I was looking around. Thank you all. Your experience and comments are priceless. Roger
  2. It's too bad that a company that can build a car as nice at they can will fall short with the navigation unit. I have a Tom-Tom and find it very good. Not perfect but amazingly reliable. I also like the idea of not having wires hanging all over. Still undecided and will have to think on it. I've driven big trucks and had backup cameras on them but the car I test drove was the first time. I liked that also. So we'll have to see. They're offering 1.9% financing until 5 Oct. So if I want to take advantage of that I have to make a decision very soon. Thanks for the input. Roger in NJ
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  4. Hi from a new member. I'm considering the purchase of a new ES 350. Was looking at used AWD's also and have not made a decision yet. The awd's we drove both had navigation in them and it was nice. I was wondering if in a new purchase if the navigation is worth the cost ???? And, what other functions of the car are linked through the navigation. I do know about the back-up camera feature. I've never had a car with the on-board navigaion unit but do like what I see. How often do they need to be updated ???? What does it cost to have it updated ???? Thanks all in advance. Roger from sunny NJ
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    Hi all. Newbee here. I'm interested in purchasing a Lexus. We were looking at the used AWD model and not sure I need / want to pay the premium for the awd. Also looking at the ES 350, new. I've never had a vehicle with on board navigation and not sure if I want to pay the price for that either. It is nice and certainly convienent but I was wondering other than navigation what other functions link through it that one might find useful or convienent. Thanks all in advance. Roger in New Jersey