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  1. Well guys i know im kinda late to this thread but im having the same problem you guys had except my AFS does not blink when i start the car or anytime during a drive. Yes the lights do go down, up then back down once started and i have to drive around with the lights pointed downward(annoying as hell). I did check out the rear sensor and try to adjust it by loosening the nut that on the axle side but the lights did not move at all. I did notice that the holding bracket was broken and the two little screws that holds the sensor on that bracket were loose. This form gave me some valuable info i
  2. A friend of mine had a similar problem and thought it was engine related but it turned out to be some type of inlet/outlet pipe dealing with the p/s system. Go figure! I would have that checked to be on the safe side. Wont hurt.
  3. Wow! Thanks for the replies and advice. I think im goin with the michelins fellas. Got to get those hancooks off as soon as i get the cash to. Very noisy on the inside of the car as if i were in 92 dodge spirit. If its that loud to penetrate thru an LS interior then they must go. I may stick with the original size and see how brand change turns out. Got $1330 quote from NTB today that includes tires($246 ea.),disposal fee($12),tire recycling fee($3.20), stems,lifetime balancing, lifetime rotation, road hazard,($163), and an alignment($80). PLus tax($70). What do you guys think of that price?
  4. I'm looking for just a tad bit more cushion from my ride. Currently, i sit on the factory 18's with some horrible sounding hancook tires sized at 245/45-18. What size in the "primacys would i have to get to ride a lil softer? I love the look and handling of the 18's. They give the conservative look of the LS a stately if not aggressive look and couldn't see it with the 17's(no pun). Any ideas fellas?
  5. To me its sounds as if maybe something is getting caught by the wind as you ride. Wind related annoyances seem to pick up around 15-25mph i would guess. Try looking for a loose panel or cover that may have become dislodged or shifted under the car or hood. Just my two cents! :whistles:
  6. Thanks for advice. Gonna give Nelson a call or visit sometime next week and i'll make sure to mention that you refered me. With cars that's upscale as these are, its good to network with people for advice and being that we live in the same city is a real plus!
  7. Will do! Im wondering if taking it to LXT as opposed to taking it the dealer will have a negative affect on the resale standpoint when or if i decide to sell it in the future. I know that Lexus can track services if done at their dealers but what about Lexus speacialist like LXT? Will i have to just keep the records myself to show a potential buyer?
  8. Thanks to all the complements fellas! To SWO, the experience at rockville was ok although when i gave them the check for the car it was actually to much so i supposed to see a refund check but nothing yet in about a month so off to the dealer i go to find out whats the deal! Other than that its been cool. Ill probably will take it to the lexus dealer in alexandria or to LXT in rockville for service. Do you have any recommendations for our area?
  9. I got it now fellas. I was just being greedy. Although i have an aftermarket alpine set up in my old mercury that channels the phone sound thru the whole system with no feedback/echo. Guess Lexus didn't want any liability.
  10. Believe it or not, silver wasn't even in my top three choices: black, white, and blue. But when i saw hear at the dealer i was awe struck. :o
  11. Yes those years are correct. They really put their foot in this redesign! I still like mid to late 90's LS. That was the one that really got me hooked in LS's.
  12. Oh Ok. Pleases me to be the first to ask! Would be nice if it did tho.
  13. These are the pics of her online at the dealer right before i bought her. And a pic after a bubble bath at night!
  14. Hey guys/gals, Does any one know how to get the nav and phone chicks voice to come out of all the speakers instead of just the front drivers door speaker? I've found the thread on how to get into aux programming features such as bluetooth volume but nothing on speaker selection.
  15. Thanks to you guys responses. I made a mistake on the tire types i gave to you. It was one Riken on the pass front side and the rest are Hankooks. Nevertheless, i plan to purchase the primacy mxv4 that guys go nuts about on this fourm. I'm hearing they are the best choice for this vehicle. The ride i have now is not bad. Its smooth, linear, and somewhat sporty. A bit noisy at times due to the tires i believe but thats about to change. I'll give you guys an update when the primacys get put on to let you know how the ride is. Peace!
  16. Hello to all. I'm new to this forum and would like to say i'm glad i've found the motherland/the old coutry/the mountain top. This fourm has given me insight and some assurance with the purchace of a 05 Ls430 w/modern lux, Mercury metallic w/ash, 18" OEM 5-spokes, 73,760mi. I paid just 23,700 for it from Lexus of Rockville, MD. I can't say how happy i"m with this car. After driving four years in an 89 mercury grand marquis, my motoring experience has greatly improved. Even though i"m on cloud nine and my driving experience now rivals a one night stand , the mercury still has one of the most
  17. Silver Surfer!

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  18. I"m loving that upgrade. I just bought an 05 Ls430 and want to do the LED thing to it also. Where did you buy you LEDS and can you get an fog light retofit with LEDS?
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