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Messed Up Machined Lip On Rims

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i have thrashed the machined lip on my rims, how do i get them fixed, any recommendations for south kali?


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~One man’s opinion / observations ~

If you want to try a DIY approach-

Repairing Scratched Wheels:

This procedure is for slight damage only; a specialist wheel repair shop should repair serious damage.

Remove the damaged wheel from vehicle.

Clean the damaged area with Prepsol and then sand the scratched or damaged area with Norton 3X Sandpaper (p-graded aluminum oxide grain,) 60, 80 or 100 grit sand paper, sand wet or dry with a wooden sanding block.

Sand the wheels until you’ve removed the scratches or ‘kerbing’ marks.

Continue the sanding process using finer and finer grades of paper, 220 or 320 grit and finally with 500-grit paper.

For small hard to reach places use a Dremel tool and a suitable sanding bit.

~Hope this helps~

Experience unshared; is knowledge wasted…/Jon

justadumbarchitect *so I question everything*

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