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How to turn off TPMS light?


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Mine's a 2009 model.
TPMS light came on so I checked and filled all tires including the spare. They were all at around 33PSI except a couple at 30.5 so I filled all of them to 34PSI. I've driven over 300 miles since but the light is still on. I even tried disconnecting the battery for about 30secs but it's still on. Can someone help? Thank you.   


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If your tire pressure is correct all around the vehicle, then you've either got a bad TPMS sensor(s), or the battery died in one or more of the sensors.  TPMS sensors have batteries similar to a watch.  Most last 6-8 years, while others last a very long time.  Find a good tire shop near you (the Lexus dealer will suck the life out of your wallet.  They should have a handheld TPMS computer and (for a fee likely) they can scan your sensors and determine the air pressure at each sensor, if the sensor has an output signal, and how much battery strength still exists.  Then they can either reset your sensors if they're still viable or they can replace the dead sensors.  Here in the Nashville area, the best tire shop in town charges $30 to reset the sensors in the TPMS system and $60 to replace each bad sensor.  Don't think you can go grab a cheap off brand sensor and take it to the tire shop to install.  Most shops will only install their chosen brand of sensor.  If you buy a sensor, the reset is usually included. Hope this helps.  Good luck! 

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Hello BabyDuke et all,


Ive got the same issue on my 09 es350 . TPMS light will not go off. I've had 4 of 5  sensors replaced with OEM parts and a couple of handheld tools show they are working. Ive driven over a hundred miles with tires inflated to 35lbs and tried resetting the tpms switch under the dash (near steer column) labeled (set) but nothing happened.  I can't find the setting for aux tires so cant check for interference. Got appt to visit local Toyota dealer but would love to cancel if I can.  Could this be a bad fuse or tpms ecu or related issue?




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