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L/Certified Warranty

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My husband and I purchased a 2016 RX 350 about 5 weeks ago.  It has a few scratches on it that we didn't see at the dealership (because they had it all shined up).  My husband washed it today and found a bunch of small scratches on the passenger back door and some larger scratches on the driver side back (which we did see at the dealership, but they were much less noticeable after they detailed it, so we thought they buffed it out). When I was reading about the Lexus Certified inspection, it mentions that the body has to be to Lexus standards.  I can't find what that means though.  Since we've had it, we haven't really taken it many places because of quarantine and a few things have happened.  First two of the plastic wheel pieces fell off the driver's side front wheel.  Then I went to open the sunroof and piece of trim got stuck in it and fell out.  Then we found some of the scratches.  After that, the car wouldn't start and has started hard ever since.  Now it takes 3 times to start it.  And now today, we found the rest of the scratches.  In the meantime, I did contact my salesman and he wants us to bring the car down (over 2 hours away) to have the wheel pieces replaced and for them to check the battery.  We haven't been able to go that far because we didn't think it would be considered essential travel and didn't want to take the chance of sitting in a dealership with other strangers.

I'm wondering what the Lexus Certified warranty will cover and if anyone thinks I should contact Lexus because of the condition of the body having several noticeable scratches.  I don't want to be picky about it but we all know these cars aren't cheap!

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Sounds like you picked a 4 Year old commuter car that was parked in a parking lot every day.  Traded Fair condition vs. Excellent...  I would expect that the paint is covered under WYSIWYG...  With the new generation 16s, you have a lot more functionality than the previous gen.  My advice would be to test as much of that new functionality as you can during warranty to make sure it all works correctly, vs. what the paint looks like.

Those plastic inserts snap in really tight so can’t imagine what is going on there, and the seals coming loose almost sounds like it’s been handled in a body shop vs. factory.

I assume that you got and have a copy of the car fax or equivalent and have some idea of the accident and maintenance history of this vehicle.  That’s a freebee from the dealer so I presume you did or can get one.  Eyeball that report carefully for your own understanding of the vehicle.  Read your warranty carefully.  My opinions are simply past experience and should only be treated as such.

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