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VSC/TRAC/VGRS; Gauges Shutter/Twitch; Doors Don’t Lock!? :(


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Hello everyone,


Long time; hope all is well with you and yours.


Kindly review the photo attached.


When I started my truck today, the error lights lit.


The instrument cluster gauges also shuttered / twitched a bit, then went steady; never saw this before!


Furthermore, the passenger side view mirror wouldn’t dip down in reverse.


AND… upon coming to a stop, shutting down and looking truck from the outside, all doors wouldn’t lock! I had to lock each door individually (note, however, that the power door lock button works if the truck is turned on!).


Been raining a lot; hopefully not related to the problem? :(


Can someone please help me figure this out.


Thank you very much.


My best.


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What a pain it was to access the passenger side foot well fuse box!


Was also difficult to pull the fuse as well. Argh.


Nevertheless, the fuse was blown.


I replaced the blown fuse, truck started up properly, but shortly after starting…


Lights on cluster resurface, mirrors stopped while dipping, auto door locks stopped working.


Can someone please advise how I can figure out what the culprit is that’s blowing the fuse?


How am I to trace this back to the source of the problem?


Any / all help would be greatly appreciated.


My best.


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I replaced the fuse again and made sure the mirror switch was in the center / neutral position.


The instrument cluster lights cleared and the door locks work again now.


Since these items work after stopping the mirrors from dipping automatically, I think I’ve narrowed it down to the mirror dip as the cause of the fuse blowing.


Can someone please assist from here; what should I do next?


If the mirror motor is the problem, how can I replace same myself? Any good instructions / videos to do so?


Thank you again.

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Hello again everyone,


Hope all is well.


So I replaced the passenger side-view mirror motor, but the problem remains!


The top row, most forward (to the front of the truck) red fuse “10” blows.


After I replace the motor, I kept the switch in the center / neutral position and did not try to have the mirrors auto-dip while in reverse, but when I went to electrically adjust the front driver’s side-view mirror, the fuse blew and the slew of dashboard warning lights lit.


I thought the problem was emanating from the front passenger mirror, as its auto-dip functionality was not working smoothly in recent time, as it’d skip / hop, shutter on its way down.


Nevertheless, I guess this has been narrowed down to the mirror(s) being the problem.


What am I to do at this time? Can someone please assist and tell me if this means I should replace the driver’s side-view mirror motor now, or can is be something else altogether?


I’d rather not buy the driver’s side-view mirror, only for the problem to remain. Argh. :(


Please advise at your earliest.


Thank you very much.


My best.

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