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Used LX Purchasing Advice

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I am deciding between an 07LX with 198k miles in good shape or an 03LX with 100k miles in pristine shape.  Both in same price range.  All things equal, would the recommendation be - older car with less miles or newer with more miles?  My goal is to have as "trouble-free from repairs" a car for as long a time as possible.  Thank you for any input & advice!

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I was just in the exact same dilemma and chose to go with the 2008 LS460 with 45k OG miles over a 2016 with over 120k. I don’t necessarily feel like all are equal when speaking of higher mileage. If all things are indeed equal, like the list of necessary repairs or maintenance due by miles (via Lexus maintenance schedule), and wear and tear (interior/exterior) then it comes down to personal preference. The 4 year difference doesn’t mean a whole lot (to me) when you’re talking a difference of 98k miles and choosing between good/pristine. My opinion truly means nothing because you’re putting the cash down to pay for the vehicle. Since you asked ☺️, if all things were equal I’d run with the ‘03 in pristine shape. 

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