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So now the adventure begins ...

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I just bought a a very clean RX 300 (03) and will bring it home tomorrow.  It's the one I wanted to look at two weeks ago.  But family responsibilities took precedence.  And as I checked, it disappeared off the web sites, so i assumed it was sold 😞

But, when we got home, it suddenly reappeared on listing sites, so I sent a message asking the dealer to hold it until I could see it and test drive ...  They did, and I did.  Paid for it and will pick up tomorrow 🙂 

Seems it threw an Air-bag code while on a test drive.  So the dealer put in the shop at Lexus and paid the freight for a new module.  The repair period was why it was off listings ...  The dealer (Mirage Auto Sales, Sacto) relisted it as soon as it was back.  Very nice folks, nice used car lot with great selection.  Hand selected nice vehicles only.  Henry (the owner) showed me all their expenses from bid to me driving it.  I paid the going rate as it left him with about $900 and he has to all the DVM paper work 🙂

Silver RX300 AWD_2.jpg

93,500 miles and very clean.  Non-smoker AWD with fairly new tires (P225/70R16 Firestone Destination) Even the spare looks nice.  No cracks in the leather.  No scratches to really notice.  Engine bay and spare tire well spotless.  Previous owner was obviously OCD ...Top of front bumper faded, but that may be expected.  San Diego car traded it at the Lexus dealer on a new one ...  I'm the second owner 🙂

What my wife does not know, is that I scored an OEM RX 300 Torsen diff (Posi) in South San Fran before we left with family.  Just had to find the right car to put it in 😄

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Congrats on your nice find. It’s amazing how these 1st gen RX have kept their looks and appeal all this time. Looking forward to see how the adventure goes.

I have a 99, same color, and now you’ve got me wondering if it has the lsd since it has factory towing upgrades.

If you were to upgrade the tires, would you go with something that can still fit in the spare tire location? I’m concerned about not having a spare if I go too big... or having to carry a larger spare inside the cabin. But something like the general atx 225/75/R16 is appealing in size (no spacers or lift required).

Enjoy the RX!

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