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Bluetooth/Satellite Module/Carplay Question


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I have a 2005 GX470. We added an aftermarket Bluetooth setup to it. It requires going to satellite on the factory system, and it connects through the satellite module.

It stopped working a while back. The problem is that the factory radio will no longer go to satellite. You push the AM button, and it takes you between AM and satellite. But it acts like there is no satellite. It just sits on AM.

I have looked around a bit. It sounds like that can happen because of a bad satellite modeule. It also seems like it is possible, but I am not sure, that the Bluetooth module we added could be faulty, and could be causing it. I'm having that checked on Monday.

I'm curious if anybody has any insight on this. And, if it seems like I need to have the factory Bluetooth module looked at, where the best place would be to go. Aftermarket car audio places don't seem interested in doing anything to fix factory audio, but I'm not sure a traditional car service place is the best way to go.

Also, I'm curious about Carplay systems. I don't know anything about them. For the GX 470, some of the car's settings (some of the audio, climate, etc.) as well as the navigation are only available on the screen. Do the carplay systems that go into the dash allow you to continue to see the normal stuff, and go between carplay and normal stuff?

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I've had a 2005 GX470 before. Its stock BT worked perfectly for hands free phone calls but for nothing more.

I would first check the car for any error codes - not more than a 15 mins job that most mechanical shops should be able to do. My best guess is, however, to check the wiring of your aftermarket BT system. This would take much more time and effort.

For tweaking an aftermarket BT, perhaps the best you could do is to contact their support or google for a forum like this but specializing in their product. 

As to Carplay, from 1 min googling, it's only supported on 2020 RX (for other Lexus models - from 2019). I've heard that there are many aftermarket solutions with the same or similar functionality. But I've never come close to studying them. Again, you may want to check at mechanical shops if they can suggest any aftermarket smartphone screen mirroring solutions.

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