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Is there a service bulletin for the RX350 regarding transmission lag?

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I have a Lexus RX350 2019 and have a terrible time with the transmission as I accelerate from a rolling stop. After doing some research I found that Toyota has pushed out a Toyota Service Bulletin for Camry’s and RAV4’s with 8 speed transmissions having similar issues. Does anyone know if they’ve done the same with the Lexus RX? 

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I have a recall to reprogram the transmission on my 2019 RX 350... getting it along with the fuel pump replacement. I found out about the transmission my checking on my dealer's website. Might check yours there! Good luck...

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Greetings Lexus aficionados,

I test drove a brand new 350 F Sport (made in Canada) this week (mid-March 2021). I noticed a slight hesitation when accelerating from a stop which surprised me. This occurred a few times and I had to step firmly on the gas pedal as I was not sure if it was me or the vehicle. Overall, I was pleased with the look and finish but I had to do some digging to see if there was an issue with this model and I came across this blog today. After rejecting other models from the Toyota lineup including the RAV4 (also made in Canada), the Avalon, Camry and ES 250 (all made in Kentucky) and other North American made models, I decided to go with a Japanese made model and so I turned to Lexus. I am truly disappointed with what I have discovered. All the research into the aforementioned vehicles turned up major issues of quality from various sources including the NHTSA site where you can check for recalls and complaints. The complaints from customers of BRAND NEW vehicles indicates Toyota has a serious quality problem plaguing the company. When a spanking new auto fails to start a week after purchase and the dealer finds no issues, leaving the customer frustrated on what should be a stress free experience, it seems the corporate culture is no longer viewing quality and reliability as top priority, only corporate profits. The same thing happened at my current company with much more fatal results. Cutting corners to boost profits has led to a decline in quality and eventually will tarnish the reputation of any great company including Toyota/Lexus.

Now, I will only purchase a vehicle that is made in Japan, period. Not that they are perfect, just that they still believe if only a little bit, in the Kaizen philosophy of lean manufacturing. My current 2014 Subaru Forester was made in Japan and it has been the best vehicle I have owned so far but it is starting to show its age. The new Foresters have been updated but I don't like the infotainment setup with engine shutoff feature that requires manually turning off after searching for the electronic off button each time I get in it. No thanks. Unfortunately, most Subaru's are also being made in the US and they also have quality issues. So I am left with choosing an RX model that is made in Japan but does not come in the F Sport badge which is what I wanted. Why??? I go to the Lexus website to build my new ride and I can't get it the way I want it, or with the color combinations I want. Why???? It is frustrating and I have not even started the negotiation game at a dealer for which I have been preparing for almost a year now. It seems I will have to settle for a regular RX and not the F Sport. Bummer.

So, if there are any words of wisdom regarding a new Lexus vehicle, I am all ears. Just tell me it is made in Japan.

Thank you.


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April Consumer Reports put the RX at the top of the 2-row Luxury class for overall score.

The Germans like BMW and Audi had higher scores for road tests but lost in other areas.

If you don't need to be driving German racing machines, you would do fine driving an RX.



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