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Help! Water leak and electrical problems

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Apologies for the long story, I'm trying to save my girlfriend's beloved 2004 RX330 and need help (low mileage with the panoramic sunroof) - The vehicle is leaking water where A-pillars meet the headliner (driver and passenger sides) and sometimes in the D-pillar area of the trunk (depending on how the vehicle is parked). Most of the time, the a-pillar would absorb water and it would show dampness all the way down to the dash during severe rain storm. Last week, I removed the entire interior and headliner to inspect the sunroof. I tried tightening the sunroof bolt but a test with the garden hose showed that water was still coming in at all four corners of the sunroof (its hard to tell exactly where due to the design of the sunroof). I finally removed the panoramic sunroof from the vehicle and noted that it was sealed by a tiny foam gasket (1/16'' thick at best) and figured that water comes in where two sheet metal overlap in each corner of the roof (picture red circle). The mating surfaces were cleaned and I applied a 3/8'' bead of urethane all around the mating surface, reinstalled the sunroof and torqued back the bolts. Technically, there is no way water can get in between the sunroof and vehicle...

First significant rain came and the passenger side a-pillar is very wet!! On top of that, water must've affected some electronics because the Climate Control, power steering tilt/tele stopped working (more on that in another post)... I know that some of you will scream "clogged sunroof drains", but keep in mind that the panoramic doesn't have drain tubes, it has a rain tray below/around the glass areas that drains into the two "gutters" that runs along the length of the vehicle.

It looks like we might have fixed the sunroof leaking at 3 of the 4 corners but not 100% sure...are there any adjustments to be made to have the glass mechanism tighter against the frame of the sunroof? Any secret setting to perform with the open/close button?

Option A: re-seal windshield - I saw someone with an RX400 (without a sunroof) that had a leak at the same spot and it was his windshield

Option B: Silicone the s**t out of the exterior of the sunroof and remove the fuse to turn it into an expensive roof glass.

Has anyone had a problem like this? Any feedback would be appreciated before any more money is poured into this thing..



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Crickets.... Update: we had the windshield replaced and asked the technician to ensure a perfect seal of the surfaces. Yesterday, this nor'easter weather bomb came across our area and the vehicle was wet again... I can definitely say that water flows in between the sunroof's glass sections. Anyone has an idea why the sunroof's own draining system would leak into the car?

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