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I had the same question when I needed tires for my other car a 2004 Pilot. I had Michelin (just took the lexus to upper Washington state so I can't get to my pilots xls for the Michelin brand) There were mixed reviews for the new Michelin's too. After looking and pondering for months, I was taking to my boss about the Michelin reviews and told him my reservations. He said he got pirelli scorpion for his Navigator. He drives up to Big bear weekley and tows a good size boat. He said he loves them and they hold the road like glue. Well as we all know, it's the road surface that makes the tires loud or quiet. So if your keen on the Michelin's go for it.

Now we don't get snow in so cal but what I can tell you is on a 4,500 mile summer trip to Chicago and back the pirelli's would go from silky smooth & quiet to ruff & loud depending on the road surface. They held to the road too good and I had to slow down in Calarado during some of the mountain turns for fear of rolling it. During 2 hard brakings, first a full retread in the middle of the lane, the other a semi cut in front of us going 40mph less. Dam was I impressed.  I didn't know the pilot could stop that fast. If we didn't have a seatbelts on we would have ate the windshield. I then got pirelli scorpion for the wife's CRV and we love them on it too. That being said I will look into pirelli scorpion for my 2003 LS430.

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Thx for your suggestion! Not getting a lot of response to my post. Had Michelin primacy MXV4 225/55R17 97H on when bought privately, but think they were installed in Atlanta. Dry rotted bad now, and need something cheaper than Michelin and does well in snow. We live in rural area, but husband drives his 2003 LS430  on state highway & commutes 40 miles round trip/day. Speed rating is confusing to me; he’ll never drive over 75 mph. 

If you or anyone else has ideas for safe, quiet & decent driving tires, let me know. Gotta buy next week!!

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I have Cooper Evolution Tour tires in the stock 225/60-16 size. They came on the car and are pretty much new with only about 700 miles on them. They're nice and quiet, offer a decent ride, really good grip in the dry and rain, and have a good tread wear rating. They're perfectly fine for the casual cruiser. These tires get really good reviews online, even on TireRack. At less than 90 bucks per corner, not a bad tire at all. 

Read some of the reviews here...



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    • By Jaunty
      I'm a relatively new owner of a pearl white 340 with 110,000 miles and new member of this site.  In 6 months or so I'll be in the market for a new set of tires.  My priimary
      objective is Smooth and QUIET.  Here in western Oregon we have lots of rain and almost no snow, and if we have a rare snow fall neither I nor my wonderful 340 will be out in it.
      I guess that means a summer tire, 18" wheels, good in wet conditions, and complimentary with the legendary Lexus smooth quiet ride.  I have left behind the practice of rubbing the chrome off the door handles while negotiating corners.
      Earlier posts of some years back had recommended Michelin Premier A/S but they didn't turn up on a Tire Rack search which did recommend Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S. Any comments or other suggestions?
      Current tires are Cooper GSS Ultra touring, which seem noisy and sensitive to longitudinal pavement seams or ridges.  The noise comes at 50mph+ speeds and it sounds like wind noise from around the top of front doors and sunroof area.  (Yes, I checked for the obvious)  
      Thank you for sharing any of your collective experience with these wonderful cars.  I'm thoroughly enjoying this website and the forums.
      John T
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