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Got A New Ac Comressor On Ebay!

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I bought it! :)

$250 for the AC Comprssor + Receiver/Drier + Clutch for my 1994 LS400.

Whereas if I bought it from Lexus dealer it would kill me with $1825.

All I need now is 134A and a new Serp belt. I called AutoZone, and they told me that it would cost me 6.99 per can for 134A.

As for the drive belt, it would be $23.99 for my car model. Think the price is fair?

Now I need to check out the labor cost around. Lexus is charging me $450, not including Michigan tax.

I still think Lexus of Ann Arbor is being very insincere. :angry: They failed to tell me about the pressure reading on the expanion valve located near the passenger seat. The eBay seller Angie Royer told me that if the pressure reading is too high, it will overwork the AC Compressor, and then even if I replace AC comprssor, it will most likely seize on me within next 3 months.

I am generally inclined to have Lexus dealer do the AC job for me because it takes a full day at least to fix it, and they will technically rent me a "free" Lexus during the time frame. Whereas if I go somewhere else, I would have to get a taxi or whoever to get around the town.

I think I will need to figure out a way to push Lexus dealer looking into my expansion valve, so that I don't run into problems again after AC Compressor replacement.

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