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Dashcam Battery Drain

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I have a 2014 IS250.  I bought a Blackvue dashcam and I added a Power Magic Pro battery cut-off to stop draining the battery in parking mode (recording while parked).  I replaced a Lukas model which I thought was defective because I was having my battery drain after only 24hrs of the car sitting idle.

I installed the new PMP and the problem remained.  If I unplug the dashcam I can park long term and no battery issues.  I am fine if I drive each day but if I leave it on and not drive the next day it will be a rough start (almost not starting) or the battery is dead completely.  It's a newer battery and again when the dashcam is disabled no battery issues at all.

I have the dashcam hooked up as per the attached photos.  I took a volt meter and confirmed which fuses were dead or live with the car off.

Regardless if I have the accessory wire wrong the PMP and the old Lukas version should have killed the power to the dashcam. I have tried other fuses but no matter which I use I end up with a dead battery.

I have the exact same system in my Dodge Caravan - no issues from day one.  So I am either missing something obvious or there is a Lexus specific issue here.

Open to any ideas or suggestions.




Power Magic.png



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