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  1. Any chance you have a dashcam, phone charger or some sort of parasitic load? I have a similar issue withy IS 250 but I know it's the dashcam.
  2. I have a 2014 IS250. I bought a Blackvue dashcam and I added a Power Magic Pro battery cut-off to stop draining the battery in parking mode (recording while parked). I replaced a Lukas model which I thought was defective because I was having my battery drain after only 24hrs of the car sitting idle. I installed the new PMP and the problem remained. If I unplug the dashcam I can park long term and no battery issues. I am fine if I drive each day but if I leave it on and not drive the next day it will be a rough start (almost not starting) or the battery is dead completely. It's a newer battery and again when the dashcam is disabled no battery issues at all. I have the dashcam hooked up as per the attached photos. I took a volt meter and confirmed which fuses were dead or live with the car off. Regardless if I have the accessory wire wrong the PMP and the old Lukas version should have killed the power to the dashcam. I have tried other fuses but no matter which I use I end up with a dead battery. I have the exact same system in my Dodge Caravan - no issues from day one. So I am either missing something obvious or there is a Lexus specific issue here. Open to any ideas or suggestions. Thanks, Dan
  3. I always place my phone on the console in front of the screen and above the vents. I have an idea to add wireless charging to that for my iPhone. Many hacks on Youtube to do this in other cars etc. Any resources to show how to take this apart to see if it's even feasible? Found some Youtube videos on the center console and the nav screen but nothing on the vents. Thanks, Dan Thanks,