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2005 Bluetooth Has Vanished


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Last week the bluetooth for my phone in my 2005 quit.

NOT ONLY THAT- the icon (telephone) disappeared from the Display.

I was having my 125k mile service done at the time- the dealer did not work on the navigation or was anywhere inside the dash.

In this model year Lexus integrated the phone bluetooth with the navigation system.

The strange thing is that the icon disappeared...

Has anyone heard/experienced this?



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I am going to respond to my own post... It appears that the symptoms I experienced-  Bluetooth stopped working and the "Telephone" icon disappearing-  have happened to a lot of 2005 owners. So- the only way to fix this is either purchase a replacement navigation system from Lexus- or eBay. I did find a unit on eBay for $398:


However there is always the chance that this replacement Bluetooth would also fail. I did want to keep everything original - but it seems that the only logical path is to replace the audio system.

It has been a head game for me and this car. I love it- but do not want to go down the slippery slope $$$. Sort of like a relationship.


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Apparently from my friend who did some work adding OEM Bluetooth to his 2002 (which did not come with Bluetooth) the components to accomplish Bluetooth are the DVD drive, DVD screen, Telephone Steering Wheel Button, Wiring Harness, and Microphone. Any of these could be your culprit.

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