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2016 RX350 Battery Warranty

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Does anyone know if the original battery is under warranty on a 2016 RX350 with 22,000 Miles.  I can't find information about the battery in the warranty manual and I found conflicting info on the web.  Saw one post that replacement Lexus batteries are warrantied 84 months but are pro-rated on a warranty claim - not sure if this applies to the original battery.  It's the weekend so can't call dealership until Monday.

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Seems like you would be at the end of most any proration warrantee anyway.  Can’t find any mention of Battery warrantee in my manual.  Probably because the environment that a battery experiences is not under the MFGs control.  Our techs that work in Texas in the Summer and leave their cars running between stops routinely destroy their batteries in one year.  And Walmart shells out the proration every time. 


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Great news that Lexus did that for you.  If you look at all the work a car battery has to do on the newer vehicle, I worry about how long the OEM bat is going to last. I have never had to replace a car battery within 5 years due to low mileage under 15K miles but I wonder if that’s the case with all the added electronic. Time will tell...

KE4M. 73s

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My car 2016 LEXUS RX350, 39673 KM, battery die. When I bought  new car, I bought an extra car care package $2500 to extend to 6 years warranty. I told the dealer the battery can not strat in winter time. They said battery is not under warranty. Dont trust dealer🤨

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