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Lx 450-470 Lateral Rod


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Dear all LX 450-470 enthusiast:

Since i lowered both my Lx450 & Lx470 and go with big rims n low profile rubber

still dont look flush from rear fender flares.

Lx450~ 23x10~ 305/35/23 with 1.5 inch wheel spacer(Billet aluminum)

Lx470~ 26x10~ 305/25/26 with 1.75 in wheel spacer(Billet aluminum)

And now the problem is when i look the car form the back, the rear right side just

flush(even) with fender flares which i like the way it looks :D

But the left rear it seems i dont understand it just way too much in, is it the way the LX set up from the factory or can i just adjust the rear lateral rod to make it look flush ??? :(

Do u guys know how to adjust rear lateral rod to make it even ???




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I know some guys with a similar problem -- but for the opposite reason. When lifting a 450, the axle sifts in the opposite direction of what you described. I think either a new panhard rod or a new adjustable panhard rod should solve your problem. The new panhard will shift the axle back into the proper location.

Lowering such a capable offroad rig like the LX 450??? :chairshot: How shameful! ;)

Hope this helps.

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