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I have a 2015 nx200, 45,000 mi....getting a whine, sounds like it's coming from transmission.  More prevalent when temp is warm out & after the car is driven some. Louder when accelerating some & you can hear it more when trans shifts............???  Any suggestions, dealer said they could hear it, needed more time to troubleshoot it, so I'll leave it with them next service appointment.

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    • By hiya83
      Hi, first time poster, but have an interesting problem so figured I'd ask for suggestions. I posted the same thing on as well, but wanted opinions from various sources...
      So the wife and I got a new Lexus Nx200T 4 months ago. We commute together and switch driving the car often. I am 6' and she's 5' 2", so we adjust the rear view mirror all the time. And the last time, the wife drove, while adjusting the mirror, it cracked the windshield where the mirror is attached to the windshield. I don't know how or why, but maybe someone has a better idea than me. Went to the dealer, and they said this is not covered by the warranty cause it's not a defect but some external disturbance that caused the crack. But all we were doing is adjusting the rear view mirror, so I don't know how that force can possibly crack the windshield... We contacted the Lexus Corp and they said since the service dept said it's not covered, they can't do anything (if they just take the service's word for it, what use are they!??!) The service dept quoted the repair for the windshield to be 1.5k, but I am thinking it will def end up being 2k with all the stupid crap they add on, BUT they said the rearview mirror can be re-used since it's not damaged. So my question is if the rearview mirror is perfectly fine, but the windshield where the rearview mirror is attached to is cracked... how can whatever external force they mention crack the windshield (which should be way more durable than the plastic rearview mirror) and not leave any damage on the rear view mirror?? 

      Anyone has any advice on this?