Anti-Lock Brakes Issue

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I’ve recently noticed an issue with the anti-lock brakes in my 2007 ES350.

As I’m coming to a stop, in all road and weather conditions, the anti-lock brakes seem to be activating for a couple pulses, when it’s completely unnecessary.  This only seems to be happens when I’m coming to a stop, from a relatively slow speed, like if I’m driving around town at approximately 25mph, and apply the brakes to stop at a traffic light or stop sign. I don’t seem to have this issue when I’m coming to a more abrupt stop or coming to a stop from a faster speed. 

I also noticed that if I’m coming to a stop, and preparing for a left turn, it almost always happens, but if I’m stopping and preparing to turn right it seem to happen less frequent.

I’m posting here because I’m hoping someone has experienced the same issue and can point me in the right direction.

Any suggestions/ideas as to what could be causing this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Does the ABS dash light come on when you experience these issues? I'm betting that it doesn't, and that what you think is the ABS system operating, isn't that at all.

You have a 10 year old car with .. how many miles ... (always good to let us know what your mileage is), and I'm betting the brake fluid has never been changed/flushed out of the system, and that the calipers have never had the pistons removed, the rust/gunk in the caliper bores and on the pistons removed, the slide pins lubed, and that your rotors may be glazed in spots. All of these may give you the same symptoms you're seeing, particularly at slow speeds.

New rotors, brake pads, and caliper lubrication (silicone grease on the pad ends and caliper mount shims), or returning your rotors, removing the glaze from your brake pads (if necessary), cleaning the piston bores and pistons, and lubing the brake pad ends and the slide pins, (all DIY kind of jobs) may solve the issue.

I'd sure look at this area before digging into the ABS system, which may not be at fault. It still may be the ABS system, a faulty wheel sensor, but start with the easy, less expensive stuff first. Good Luck!

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Just wanted to post a follow up on this issue I was having in case anyone else had the same issue down the road.

I brought the car to my mechanic who couldn’t figure out the problem, because no codes were coming up.  He in turn took the car to another shop, to have them test the brake system with some special equipment and it turned out I had a bad ABS Front Driver Side Wheel Speed Sensor.

My mechanic wanted to install an original part costing upwards of $170, and charge me an hour of labor at roughly $90…I told him to forget it, I’d see if I could get the part cheaper.

I purchased a Chinese knockoff of the part on EBay for less than $15, and had it installed in about an hour. I installed it over the weekend and haven’t had the issue since.

Hope this helps someone down the road.

Thanks for the replies/ideas/suggestions.


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