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LS400 93 gauge cluster what models fit


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Hi, I have a 93 LS400 and I might be sending the cluster to the U.S. for repair so just wondering what other year clusters will plug in to the 93.
I have a 99 model I can get cheap but I have a feeling it won't be compatible.I only want the spare because if I send the cluster away it will no doubt be 3 or 4 weeks and we can't go so long without driving the car. I don't mind either making an adapter harness or modifying the spare, If there is a clear diagram around for the wiring adapter.
I am going to do some more research about doing some repairs myself, we have had a local place have a go and they seem to have done ok but the speedo got stuck again so they have fixed that again. now the seat belt or air bag light is on all the time. 
If anything else goes wrong with it I will have to either try fixing it myself or maybe have a go at the spare one and send the original away to be done properly.

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