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Brake Job '08

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Like any other operation if you've worked with other cars with calipers. Open brake reservoir and watch level, push in pistons, caliper the rotor thickness and brake lathe if needed, apply non squeak grease to backing plates, install new clips if needed, install pads, reinstall caliper. Nothing special, and no frills. 

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Thank you...that's what I was hoping. My friend has a Mercedes and before you remove the calipers you need to discount a fuse to an electric actuator so the calipers won't close on your fingers as you are taking them off. As far as you know nothing like that on this car??

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No, nothing special. Just push in the pistons in the calipers and monitor that brake fluid level at the front because pushing them back in will raise the level of the fluid and that stuff WILL eat your paint right off the car. Do not let any fluid out without sucking it out with like a turkey baster right into a container cleanly.

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