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Excessive Cranking, Battery Drained.


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Hey there Lexus forums i recently just bought a 1993 sc400 with ~230k miles on it for 900$ the guy i bought it from started the car in front of me cold and we drove it around for a bit. everything was working nicely. after i bought it i went to the gas station to fill her up. turned the car off and filled her up. next thing i know i try to start the car and it would just crank but not start.( it sounds like the starter engages really fast) (i dont know if this is important or not but there was a lot of pressure when i opened the gas cap) Messaged the dude and he said that he'd be over and help me to start the car. we tried to jump start it but it wouldn't work. after a couple more tries we finally get it running and it runs great. drove it ~90 miles to my house and parked it. wouldn't start again. it was getting late so i decided to say screw it and go to bed. next morning the battery is completely dead. no click from the starter or anything, doesn't make since since the battery is only a week old.  if anybody could help me out i would really appreciate  it. Thank you 


Update: i found out what was causing the battery to be drained. disconnected the negative battery terminal and ran a test light from the wire to the post and started pulling fuses. come to find out it was the dome light fuse. Does anybody know what is all hooked up to the dome light? i know sometimes the cigarette lighter is ran through the dome light circuit but other than that i have no idea.

Also i found out that i could be a fuel problem because you can't hear the fuel pump priming at all. had a friend listening by the gas tank in the trunk and cycled the key a few times, tried starting it and nothing, no sound  whatsoever.

i charged the battery from 2 nights ago and tried it out when i got home from school and it started right up. weird. but once i drove it for a while, turned the key off then turned it back on it was fine.turned it back off and let it sit for ~10 minutes and it wouldn't start again. Does anybody else have this issue? and also does anybody have wiring schematics or fuel diagrams so i can take a voltmeter and see if its the fuel pump or the fuel pump rely 

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Hi Elijah...welcome to the Forum

I would start with replacing the fuel filter and ensuring that all hoses and connections are secure as if it draws air when stationary this could cause the problems you are experiencing.

I would probably also change the spark plugs if they are not new as this could also affect the starting.

Let us know how you get on with it all

Cheers  Trevor

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