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1998 GS300 sat/nav (GPS) security code

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The Sat/Nav (GPS) screen for  1998 GS300 takes a 4 digit security code. But it's not accepting what I believe is the correct owner's security code. Is there some way to re-set the security code? If the battery is disconnected and then reconnected, the code must be re-input but it's just not working. Any suggestions?

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You are in Florida with a "GS300SE"?  Did you bring it from the UK?  The GS300SE was not sold in North America.

Security codes were never used on navigation systems of Lexus vehicles sold in North America.

Security codes could be used on radios in some Lexus vehicles sold in North America in the early 1990's but hardly anyone activated them.  When a security code was used and forgotten, a Lexus dealer could unlock the radio for a fee.

Maybe someone on the UK section of this forum can help you:  http://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/


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You clearly know your Lexus cars!

I live in Florida during the winter months and live in England (that's the GB part of my name) during the summer. I bought the GS new in 1998 when Lexus as  brand was very new in England and a sat/nav or GPS was almost unheard of, unless you were James Bond. I kept the car because I couldn't find anything better ... until 2016 so 18 years. Then I bought a RX450h Premier with nearly all the latest gadgets including a head up display on the windscreen. Only the Tesla with its autopilot was in contention but my wife didn't like that so we bought the RX

But, back to the GS. I had intended to keep the car but it was a tight squeeze in the garage with the RX and the GS together so we sold the GS. The new owner has emailed me desperate for the code because, if the battery is disconnected, the code is needed to use the screen. For some reason the code I had always used doesn't seem to work now.

As a point of interest, I found the old GS touch screen easier to work than the new RX screen. Given a choice, I'd take that old system into the new car!

Thanks for your reply which I will copy and send to the new owner.

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