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RX 400h conversion


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Hi, everyone. I'm new here. 

Please I have got an rx400h, that I would want to convert to a normal petrol powered vehicle. 

From research, I found out rx400h shares same engine with rx330. But what also found out was that the RX 400h engine, as compared to rx330, lacks some power. 

Has anyone done this sort of conversions on their RX 400h before, and what were the challenges encountered? 

What do I need to consider or have, in terms of parts, before converting this truck? 

I do know the transmission, steering rack, water pump, etc needs to be replaced. 

Can I use a donor engine and transmission, complete wire harness, ECU from an RX 330, to swap the one in the RX400h? Would they work?

I'm here to learn!

Thanks for the replies.



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Hi....welcome to the Forum

Wow, that is a very big project you're looking to undertake !

I wouldn't even know where to start as going from a vehicle that is completely different to its petrol engine counterpart....not a conventional transmission, not a conventional charging system as such, probably completely different floorpan, etc, etc.

Maybe cheaper to buy a petrol engine RX and get a good sale price on your 400h?

Let us know how you get on with this....

Cheers  Trevor

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