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Aftermarket Audio : need wireing harness for es330

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Well I look every where to buy Harness for my Lexus 2004 es330 Premium audio Looks like 5CH. but not a Mark Levinson on anywhere.

I look everywhere to find amp but no amp on trunk. this must not Mark Levinson.

So I look everywhere but no luck finding my audio Harness

Does any know or have  this car fits?


Thank you.


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I assume you are trying to put an aftermarket radio into your es330, and I assume you're going to use the same speakers that are presently in the car.


That said, you need to get a harness adapter to go from the Lexus dash wiring harness to your new radio. Basically you remove your old radio from the car and unplug it from the dash wiring harness. Then you plug the wiring harness adapter onto the dash wiring connector, and plug the wiring adapter into the back of your new radio.

Go to the and type in the search window "car wiring adapter", then scroll through the products until you find the Lexus adapters. Or call the telephone number listed on the website and they'll tell you what you need to connect that radio. Good Luck!


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I think I formund the amp in the pass side kick panel.   Remember to also hook up the wire that turns on the amp or you will get no sound.   I also found out that all the speakers are the pre amp


1993 ES300

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