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New ES 300 owner

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Just purchased a 97 ES 300 at auction.  Its a high mileage DUI forfeiture but in surprising shape. My first venture into Lexus. (I have a 2000 Tundra so I'm familiar with the products). What do I need to know the first 6 months (beside check the oil, etc....)

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Old Coast,

Welcome to the family!

First off, enjoy the car. They're great vehicles. My wife's first Lexus was a 97 ES300 and we loved it, loved the 2004 even more, and her present 2011 is the best.

That said, your car is 19 years old and with its high mileage there are some things to be aware of, and this list is part Factory and part Lexus Forum Members additions :

          Every 5,000 Miles:
Oil and Oil Filter Change

Every 30,000 Miles:
Air Filter Change
Brake Fluid Change
Air Conditioner Filter Change

Every 60,000 Miles:
Coolant Change
Transmission Fluid Change
Power Steering Fluid Change
Battery Check/Change

Every 90,000 Miles:
Timing Belt Change
Water Pump Change
Hoses and Belts Check/Change

Every 120,000 Miles:
Spark Plugs Change/Tune Up

Every 1 Year:
Exterior Wax Application
Wiper Blade Inserts Change



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