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Timing Reset 94' Lexus ES300


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So I was attempting to replace a knock sensor and neglected to empty my antifreeze out before doing so.  I believe the antifreeze may have washed a foreign metal object into my piston.  When I start the car all I hear is metal rattling around.  I am now getting ready to remove the head that I believe the metal object is in, I'm to the point of removing my timing belt but I'm concerned the timing belt is going to move when I begin loosening the pulley.  so I'm wondering if there is a guide on how to reset my timing if and when it moves after removing the timing belt so I can get it back to top dead center when I go to put it back together.  Any help, or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I've never done much work when it comes to the timing of a vehicle.  I'm working on a 94' Lexus ES300.

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Don't be concerned about the cams moving, because you can set them back to where they belong just before you release the timing belt tensioner. Even then you can go back and check the position of timing belt markers to double check. Then , you can go even further if you want even more assurance that all is correct, by turning the engine from the crank bolt through 2 complete revolutions slowly with a long ratchet.

The same generation Camry V6 is a twin for your car so watch this YouTube video to see what you're up against.:


Basically there will be marks on the engine casing, the cam gears, the crank gear, and the new and your old timing belt. At each you just have to ensure that the mark on the gear lines up with the mark on the engine casing and on the timing belt. You'll see that in the video.

I did my 1990 Nissan 300ZX timing belt a few years ago, and while its fiddly and time consuming, its not rocket science and anyone with the tools and mechanical aptitude can do it. The only special tool required is a torque wrench to tighten that crank bolt back up to proper specs. I recall mine only went to 150 ft lbs and that engine required 174 ft lbs, so I borrowed one for the 3 minutes it took to do the job. Good Luck!

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