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A more Quiet Ride

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I have a Lexus 1999 ES300 (Coach Edition). I made the mistake of getting the Weapon R Dragon Air Intake system, not knowing it wouldn't make much of an impact with performance and make my car sound more like a race car. I have now realized (as the newbie that i am) that focusing on performance, for a car that was engineered as far as it well get, was a bad idea and I should focus my time on the making it smoother (if possible) and more quiet. 

I'm hoping to get some suggestions. I plan to get the engine cleaned out (have a great deal and I plan to do that because I want to keep the car for a while), so when I have that done, I'll also put the stock intake back in to help with the noise level. I need to get a new wheel (1 that's bent) to help my steering wheel shaking as I'm doing 60mph+. The original owner didn't opt out for the air suspension (or the nakamichi system for that matter). I have the stock rims (15in) with some new all season tires. 

Anything else worth paying attention to or getting to help with low noise and smoother ride?

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Oh man, I'll openly admit to never hearing of a Weapon R Dragon Air Intake but it at least sounds wicked. On my ES330, the stock air system with a K&N works just fine. On my IS250AWD, a dragon might be nice. 

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