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  1. I use 87 mostly. I only try to use premium once in a while. I was told Premium has fuel system cleaner inside of it, which is why it costs more, but I'm not an expert with things like that. Do you need to fully empty your tank before you buy the fuel system cleaner though? or does it matter?
  2. I have a Lexus 1999 ES300 (Coach Edition). I made the mistake of getting the Weapon R Dragon Air Intake system, not knowing it wouldn't make much of an impact with performance and make my car sound more like a race car. I have now realized (as the newbie that i am) that focusing on performance, for a car that was engineered as far as it well get, was a bad idea and I should focus my time on the making it smoother (if possible) and more quiet. I'm hoping to get some suggestions. I plan to get the engine cleaned out (have a great deal and I plan to do that because I want to keep the car fo
  3. Hello. I've had my 1999 ES300 for almost a year now and what I haven't been able to figure out just yet is one of the issues I'm having. SOMETIMES, not all the time, but sometimes when I start my car, it won't start until you try it a second time. I have had a tuneup, my mechanic/cousin noticed the starter was replaced and there's nothing wrong with the spark plugs. I've replaced the knock sensors, Variable Valve Timing Solenoid (2) and two of the O2 sensors since having the car. So I'm not completely sure what the issue could be at this point.
  4. Ok. I only purchased a pre-2000 Lexus because from all of my research, they happen to be known for being reliable among all cars, not just Lexus (assuming you take care of it). I also just love the look of the LS400 (mainly 95-97). Since working on performance isn't practical, would there be anything I can do as far as making the ride smoother? or more durable? I heard that when the 99 was released there was an option to get air suspension, not sure if that's a benefit or not. I also have seen some spoilers for my car and read that they help with driving on the highway (as far as fuel mi
  5. I'm not offended by what you said, not sure why you'd think I would be. I'm still new to being a Lexus owner and I'm new to taking care of my car the proper way, so this was very informative. I have been working on repairing the issues the car currently has. I have no issues just sticking to spending my money on that. I just wanted to make my car look nicer, but if that's going to be a challenge because of the model/year then that's fine, no big deal. Thanks for your reply.
  6. I'm looking to mod my 1999 Lexus ES300. So far I've purchased the Dragon Air Intake system. I've replaced parts (mass air fuel sensor, O2 sensor, knock sensor, solenoids, brakes) so far, but hoping to get parts to modify and not just replace parts.My objective is to keep the car for at least 5-10 years (I purchased it July 2015) and I'd like it to be more personalized to me while also having more performance. I'd like to ultimately increase the acceleration (I'm coming from a 2001 Nissan Altima with a twin cam engine), increase my performance (if possible), help with the gas mileage (the roads
  7. I plan to get a 1999 Lexus ES300 and I'm a fan of the Lexus LS400 (95-97) models, as far as interior and exterior. I'm wondering You can change the gear stick on the ES300 to look more like the LS400 gear Stick. For those who might be confused with what i'm asking, I have added attachments. The first one looks more like what the ES300 would have (in style, not an exact picture) and the second picture is more of what I'm looking for. If it is possible, my next question would be, is it a really tough thing to get done, or as long as you're knowledgeable, it's not too hard to get done?
  8. I guess what i'm trying to do is to definitely keep the stock cassette player, but i wanted to add a stereo that had bluetooth (and maybe usb) functionality.
  9. Hello, within the 94-97 LS400, there's a CD Changer within the glove compartment. I wanted to know if it's possible to replace that with a stereo (with builtin bluetooth), or if that connection can only be replaced with another CD changer?
  10. Thank you very much. I didn't think anyone would help me out with this question. I appreciate it. You happen to have anymore advice as far as just owning one in general? I'm going to be looking mainly for 94 LS400 (maybe 93, since the differences are small), unless you think the 95 might be a better fit?
  11. I'm hoping to purchase a Lexus LS400 (either 93, 94 or 95), but i live in a state where winters get a good amount of snow (MA). I'm wondering what experiences anyone has had owning a Lexus living in the North East or North West with winter. Any bit of advice that could be given from personal experience?
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