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The front headlights turned off while stopped at a stop light the other night. This is not the first time it has happened. Other weird things are occurring. Occasionally the right headlight will not turn on. A few days later the left will not turn on but the right one is OK. As far as I can determine, all bulbs work fine..except not always when they should.

My untrained guess is a problem exists upstream from the headlights. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Mack,

Is this occurring with the lights on "Auto" or manually switching the lights on? You may have to change bulbs on both sides. Also, check your socket connections. Bulbs may be loose in socket. 

I wish you much success!

Let me know!

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I had a similar situation before.  Talked to dealer and my mechanics.  The headlight bulb was about to be burnt out, so we changed the lightbulb and it worked well.  Dealer was changing $300 or $400/lightbulb due to the normal Lexus procedures, changing from the top.   My mechanics used the internet suggested short-cut (maybe in YouTube too) method to go from under to change it and it only cost me $70.  Hope it helps!

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