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2016 GX audio out after less than one week


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Hello. We purchased a 2016 GX with Luxury Package and, while and am absolutely in love with the truck itself, the audio completely stopped working after less than a week of owning it and only 200 miles.  No audio at all - no sound coming in or going out. I've read about problems like this, but never so early in the game.  It is in the shop and they will be running a diagnostic test, but hoping someone might have heard of something similar with this model year.  I am a huge Lexus believer and have experienced their reliability with my precious RX, but I am beyond frustrated that this is happening, especially to a brand new car.  Thanks in advance! 

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KMM, No, I've not heard about that happening with any year GX460's (though we don't have a dealer in my remote place, there are a number of such trucks now here).

Your car is under warranty -- let us know feedback from your dealer for knowledge sharing.

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Thanks, Eugene.s, for the response. Apparently there was a short in the Mark Levinson amp so we are now waiting on parts.  I will be sure to post again after the new amp has been installed if there are any additional/follow up issues.  I have read of this specific problem (on these boards!) happening, but to the ES (or LS?) and after 100K+ miles, never 200 miles. 

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