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Would you be concerned about the rust on this car?


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I don't think I have very good judgement for this, but I think if the rusted metal is thick enough, it should be okay and won't rust through, but thinner metal is pretty much doomed. I had some rust spots on the body of my old car that didn't look that bad, but when I sanded the rust off, they turned into holes because the body metal is thin. If I was buying that car, I think I would be concerned - for not really knowing how bad that rust is - but perhaps you could ask for a price cut because of it, and it might be just fine for a long time. Somebody else should weigh in on this, because like I said, I don't think I know enough about this to give good advice.

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I live close to the shore (equal to a "Rusty State" in the U.S. terminology) and I've seen smth like this even on early 2000's cars. I'd be concerned - you never know what's the condition of electric systems/wires given the visible rust level underneath the car. And whether you'd be able to sell the car at a good price when time comes

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