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99 Lexus rx300 wont start

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I own a 99 lexus rx300 and when i put the key in the ignition it wont do anything. The theft light is always blinking like normal. I tryed jumpstarting it but its as if i didnt do anything. I checked the jumpstart connection thoroughly but still nothing. Turn the key and no dash lights come on or anything. I went on vacation and came back and saw water dripping from underneath the steering column and im not sure how the water got there. Is there any ignition power relays under the steering column. 

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Re-read your post and clarify it. E.g.:

- What is your battery condition, for how long how you been out. Can it just be a dead battery?

- Is the water dripping from below the steering wheel inside the cabin? Or where else? Is this the water or some other liquid?

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