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Recommendations For 2007 Sc 430 With 30,000 Miles

thirtyA PI

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I am a new member and just purchased a 2007 SC with only 30,000 miles. I am trying to determine which is more important, age or miles. I must decide to change timing belt/water pump/belts or wait for more miles. I am leaning towards replacing the timing belt, but The water pump should not be and issue with only 30,000 miles. This SC looks like new and it is hard to spend good money on something that is not a problem. Please advise on your opinions.


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My 2002 has 51k miles now. Still running the original timing belt, waterpump, bearings, seals ,etc. I've heard all the stories about everyone replacing these items before lighting strikes, as they usually fail with age vs mileage (usually the water pump seizes before the the belt tears), and the results can be disastrous. With that being said, I'm taking the chance as I can't afford the new water pump and timing belt kit and install. I have replaced the serpentine belt due to squeaking. I am told that the timing belt usually never fails on it's own. There is a full kit by Aisin that is the best for the SC430. I was told that if you replace the belt you should replace the water pump at the same time, and it's usually included in any shops' labor any way. Just some thoughts for you to consider.

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Well, you're gambling by not changing the belt. I'm pretty sure that the SC engine is an interference engine, meaning that if the belt breaks there's an excellent chance that internal damage will happen. (This is not the case with non-interfence engines.) You have heard , and will hear, of owners who have gone beyond the 90,000 miles or 9 years that Lexus sets as limits, and they have had no timing-belt-related issues. As i mentioned, it's a matter of taking a chance.

The issue with the 9-year parameter is the the belt, being a kind of rubber, may deteriorate. I've done the job on my car and it's pretty straightforward. Using a kit from Toyolexyus I thus used
"official" parts and spent about $350.00, as i recall.


incidentally, all of my parts were in excellent condition but I enjoyed doing the job and I have peace of mind.

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