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Spark Plug Wire Change Instructions 96 Ls400 V8


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hello there ... love this 1996 Lexus LS400, but it has a bad spark plug wire, so I'll be replacing them. I remember trying to tackle the job about 3 months ago, only to discover that it's not as easy as some cars. Does anyone have detailed instructions on how to do it correctly? thanks

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You need to remove some plastic covers, starting first with the ones near the fuel injectors, and the front one above the coil. Then the ones on the valve covers, that extend to cover the distributors and timing belt. The air filter and airmeter need to come out, and the resonator that connects to the throttle body. Use clean soft rags around the fender and air filter when removing the assembly maybe on under the fender bracket too so you don't scratch everything. All 10 mm hex head bolts pretty much, I used a 1/4 inch drive with a long extension, there are bolts at the front of those wire covers that are on the valve cover around the distributor. Go easy don't force anything, always look for missed bolts.

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The thing you need to watch out for if you remove and install the air filter like on that link, is to make sure the air filter is fully seated it can be difficult when you can't see it and not much clearance getting it in and out.

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