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[Lexus Es300] Can Not Activate Self-Diagnostic Mode


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Hi guys,

I've tried to activate self-diagnostice mode using this steps http://www.lexls.com/tutorials/intro/codereading.html

but it doesn't work for me. After I Turn the ignition switch on, "Check engine" just lighting and doesn't blinks.

Somebody have this issue?

Lexus es300 1994.

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Welcome to the LOC. Rather than screw around with jumping wires, drive over to Auto Zone or any auto parts and borrow their code reader (and code clearer) for free. I've jumped wires before with unfavorable results so frying some obscure electronic component isn't out of the question. I finally just bought a cheap ($100) code reader/clearer and keep it in my car kit.

Another way is to just disconnect the battery for awhile.

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