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2001 Ls 430 Driver's Side Window Stuck Half Way Open


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I have a high mileage 01 LS 430 and yesterday my drivers side window failed to close more than half way. how do I open the door panel to get to the problem? Thanks in advance for any guidance

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Can you hear the window motor running? The problem is either

the switch on the door is bad

the window motor has given up the ghost

the flexible line that physically pulls the glass up is broken

something is jammed in the track preventing movement

If you can hear the motor running, then most likely the flexible pull has broken, if not the motor isn't working. Cars driven by smokers often break as they get older due to lots of use and flexing when they open the window to whip the butts out. Cars driven by A/C loving non-smokers only open the window for parking receipts, tolls, and traffic tickets so they aren't as worn out. Window motors and the flexible lines are no easy job to replace. I bled all over the place the last time I did one.

The first thing I would check is the door window switch. Often the first thing to go. Spray contact cleaner and compressed air in there and you might get lucky.

Good luck

If the motor

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My 2001 LS430 driver window started to get stuck in the down position from time to time.  I would try it the next day and it would work.  I thought it might be a bad switch so I replaced the switch with another used one that I bought but that also did not work.  Here is a video on how to remove the switch:


I went to my local dealer and asked about the computer module discussed above.  The service adviser reported that he had never seen a bad computer module in 22 years of working there and that the problem was probably a bad window regulator or motor.  I replace both the regulator and motor and now the window works just fine.  Here is a video on removing the door panel which is the first step:


Finally, here is my video on replacing the regulator and motor:


I hope this helps someone. 

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