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Diy: Center Console Rear Ac Vent Removal Repair


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So the rear vent was broken on my LX and it was annoyoing since the replacement part is the whole console comes in one part which is $1200 and i am not paying $1200 for a broken fin in the vent. So i decided to fix it myself and took some pictures just in case someone want to do DIY someday.
1. Pull from the top sides and it just comes apart as in picture since there are no bolts in it just the tabs holding it together.
2. Remove 2 screws holding bottom parts which has face plate and volume knob for rear entertainment system.
3. remove the power plug from the bottom part carefully by pressing white tab on the side and pulling it out.
4. remove 3 small screws holding the center climate control part and pull it out from bottom first and it will slide out at an angle.


5. Now pinch the plastic tabs holding wire in place and unplug the wire plug same way.



6. remove the 6 screws to remove finally the top part holding the vents.
7. Now take which ever side has broken fin and just lift the four plastic pieces with small tabs holding it to the frame two on top and two on bottom and pull the vent part out.
8. From this point it will be straight forward that pyll the side tab holding round dial in which is used to open and close duct and just pull out.
9. Now pull the plastic bars holding fins towards outside they are just snap on to the small tabs which has play so it can move.

10. For my fix what i did was took small drill and drill a whole through the side of fin, then drilled a hole through the broken small tab piece and put a metal needle pice through them and poured crazy glue in to keep it together.

just reverse the process and that way you will have working vents perfectly without shedding $1200.
BTW these vents are not part of rear AC, they are connected to front driver and passenger side, the vent on left is connected to driver`s controls and right side is connected to passenger`s control. Dont really see the purpose why would manufacturer do that.

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Innovative. Thanks for posting those instructions and all the detail, Umar. And welcome to the Club!

I am fixing to write second DIY for passenger seat, i disassembled and took detailed pictures for if any of the part goes bad.

I noticed there arent DIY`s on LX 570 so thinking of contributing as much as i can.

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