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57,000 Mile Service


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Hello to all you GX470 guys and gals! I'm new to the club so I hope I'm doing this right. My car has about 56,000 miles on it now. Back in July of this year, when it was at about 54,000 miles, the dealer recommended that we do the 90,000 service since the car was over ten-years-old. Now, he's telling us we should do the 57,000 mile service. Can someone tell me what's included in this service? Also, is this service very important to do right at 57,000 miles or can I do it in the 60,000 mile or so range?

Thank to everyone for all your help.



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I believe the 90,000 mile service involves changing the timing belt, water pump (hopefully), rotating the tires. checking fluids (which should be changed), washing the car and relieving you of over a thousand dollars. Not that I recommend doing so but I know of Lexus timing belts with over 200,000 miles still going.

With my vehicles, every 50,000 miles I change all the fluids oil, transmission, brake, power steering, differential, and coolant. Good idea to look at brakes but at 50,000 if you are a true car person, I often change the front brake pads (I use factory Toyota brake pads only) because by that point they are half worn which means they are beginning to harden and glaze especially if your urban. While this isn't dangerous in any manner, I have found my rotors last forever if I do that. Back brakes easily last 100,000 miles unless you race the thing.

An alternative source for excellent service is a Toyota dealership NOT associated with the Lexus dealership. They are often much less expensive and I mean much. I'd probably call around a ask. Not sure I would let any side guys touch my car. Not that I don't trust them but well, I don't. Firestone put 3 of my 4 directional tires on backwards but their TV ads are good.

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Hi, if you don't have the maintenance schedule, register your car at https://secure.drivers.lexus.com/lexusdrivers/my-lexus/home.do and download it -- it will tell you what exactly to check at which mileage (certainly, assuming that all prior due maintenance has been duly done). The normal maintenance frequency is every 5k miles and the most comprehensive maintenance programs (closer to your case) are at each 15k miles (45, 60, 75, 90k). IMHO, unless the previous history of your car (which you can check through the same site as before) suggests any issues, you only need to do the limited "normal" maintenance (given you've run 5k miles since the last one)

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