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Ls430 Power Steering Leak


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I bought an 2005 LS430 2 years ago with the intention of using it as a 3rd car and also as a project, as it turned out i ended up with a very good condition one and have used it on and off in between other cars. Its been hassle free but now the power steering has got a leak, the leak is on the pipe that loops in front of the radiator. I have looked at the pipe and can not see any sensors on that part and i really can not see the reason lexus would run the pipe in a loop out of the engine bay in from of the rad and then back,

my only possible thought was for cooling maybe? but as it runs right in front of the rad which is basically a water filled hot box this seems illogical, because its exposed it means that part of the pipe work is going to decay and unless i have missed something i can see no reason.

therefore to fix the leak i am considering just cutting the loop part away and simply connecting a flexi pipe in its place thats far smaller in length so the new pipe is almost not exposed anymore..

does this make sense or have i got this way off and missed something?


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Parts of the power steering fluid system operates under quite high pressure. Better check before using a flex hose. Not that I'm any good at posting pictures but one is worth a lot of typing. Stuff can make a mess so use care.

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