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Continuous "call In Progess" Kills Stereo


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Ok, 2nd week with our 2011 RX350.

Wife is driving it and started complaining that nav voice directions are too low on volume.

So I set in the car, hit Start button once - system instantly goes into bluetooth connection and ther eis nothing but static coming out of speakers.

Digging in settings here and there, found "call in progress" message.

With that going, on, all steering wheel phone and audio controls do not work. Trying to hang up from steering wheel or menu produces no result - call in progess and static. Can't switch to FM or USB or Cd. System is hung on a phone call that might

I turned off Handsfree - stereo and steering wheel controls came back to life.

The only fix so far I can see is to delete the phone completely. But she's a "I drive I hang on the phone" person and, so far, hands free talking was part of the reason this car was bought.

So far, after major frustration, I have no idea what is going on and why system goes into non existing phone call from the get go.

Any suggestions, before she is sent to dealer to have it worked out? She has magical touch to mess anything electronics related. I am hoping it's a simple "I pressed the wrong button" situation. She has i-phone, I had it inside the car, outside - it shows no signs of any calls. Almost like she preset vehicle to autodial somehow.

Thank you.

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I do know there is a separate volume control for the phone in the settings on the car but it is fairly high by default.. Mine works easily with my car system. Almost sounds like a phone setting like maybe her iPhone Bluetooth is turned off?

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Thank you.

No, that's not the problem.

Here's step by step:

1. Push Start

2. Stereo kicks in and starts playing whatever for about 5 seconds

3. Sound disapperas and there's only static coming out of speakers

4. Going through menus "call in progress" shows on the screen

5. same time, none of the stereo controls work or steering wheel buttons. You can not hang up on that "call" from the steering wheel controls.

6. If I shut down Hands free feature from menu, everything returns back to normal - stereo works, I can switch between USB and CD.

7. But the very moment Hands free is turned back on - system automatically goes to #3 every time Start button is pressed.

Basically, it looks like as if the last call she did via Bluetooth somehow got stuck in the vehicle system and now it reverts to it automatically at start up. But same time, because it;s on Call mode, it shuts down everything else in stereo. B

BT was turned on on her phone. Phone connects to the vehicle system fine. But it's disabled by what looks like automatic dialing from the Hands free.

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The calling is coming from the phone through the bluetooth. IF the stereo comes on to a Bluetooth connection, it will play songs off your device without doing anything. Not sure why the phone is dialing. All I can suggest is power off the phone and restart. Sometimes if your updates are out of date, weird things happen. Very strange.

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Ahh, that makes sense. Apparently BT in RX is powerful enough to reach to that phone via garage walls and 2 rooms. So it's not the RX dialing, it's i-Phone going into dial mode the very moment it senses Handsfree.

Well, I shut down BT on her phone before I left for work. That's lesser evil than having entire headunit disabled. Son is at home, he knows i-Phones, I'll ask him to cycle that phone.

I have gut feeling last call she placed off that phone was not properly shut down and it loops back.

What updates are you referring to? We just bought the car, it's still under warranty for 8 months. Whatever I need to do in that period, I'll appreciate guidance.

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Worst case scenario is that you actually have to go to the dealership and talk to their "tech expert." now you all know I am first to slam poor performance and customer service however the ONLY good thing at the dealership where I bought my last car was the tech guy. Unlike the rest of the drones inhabiting the showroom, the tech guy was extremely helpful on the one occasion I talked to him. There are things a few more things I would like to know but that would violate my promise to never set foot in their again.

On a side note, the dealer group I bought from is slowly losing it franchises to other groups and just sold off the Infinity dealership. I am keeping my fingers crossed that the group I like, buys the Lexus dealership from the group I don't.

Lexus management is pretty much useless in my no-so-humble opinion.

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It appears to be mended. Phone was power cycled and all works fine now.

Thank you.

Poor or not dealers Lexus proves to be a very good resale. I'll keep staying with the brand.

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